John Walker

  • City:Union Star
  • State:MO
  • Biography:

    I decide to become a veterinarian in high school.  I enjoyed working with animals and was greatly influenced by Dr. MD Conrad of Plattsburg whom I greatly admired.

    Established my practice in 1963 in Union Star, MO                                                       

    I am still practicing in Union Star, MO on a limited basis—now being semi-retired.

    I am a Widower with 3 Daughters: Pamela Hillyard, Paula Johnson and Jocelyn Washburn; 6 grandchildren with 1 being deceased; 3 great grandchildren

    I appreciate and thank each and everyone for being so supportive and kind to me over these many years.  I especially thank those who took the time and put forth the effort to nominate, sponsor and write the letters of support for this honor.

Veterinary Honor Roll Honoree


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