Richard Meadows

  • City:Columbia
  • State:MO
  • Biography:

    Dr. Meadows knew he wanted to become a veterinarian by the time he was 11.  He attended Texas A&M University and was a member of the AVMA, and AAHA while attending school.

    He spent one year in a dairy practice, then spent a few months as a mixed animal relief vet.  He then owned a small animal practice in Waco, Texas for 10 years.  After that he did a Clin Path residency in Wisconsin and a Post Doc in a human medical school in San Antonion, Tx.  In August of 1999 he went to the MU CVM.

    He has received 17 teaching awards locally, nationally and internationally since 1999.  He received the Leo K Bustad Companion Animal Practitioner of the Year for 2006.  He received the National Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award in 2010, and received an international teaching award in dentistry in 2013.

    He plans to retire in 2023 and go back to MU part-time.

    He has been married to Jackie Kleypas since 1987.  They have two daughters and four grandchildren 

Veterinary Honor Roll Honoree


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