John Eckert

  • City:St. Louis
  • State:MO
  • Biography:

    Date of Birth:  9-5-37

    Place of Birth:  St. Louis MO

    On June 18, 1960 Dr. Eckert married Marty.  They had four children, Victoria Ann Mueller, Child Life Specialist/Housewife; John C. Eckert, Jr., Firefighter/Lawn Service Contractor; Mary Kathleen Burke, Interior Designer/Housewife; Kevin C. Eckert, Architectural Engineer.

    When asked when he decided to become a veterinarian and why, Dr. Eckert responded “It is the only career I ever wanted.  I wanted to take part in a wonderfully rewarding occupation, one that contributes to all God’s creatures.  I consider myself blessed to work in this profession and to have the opportunities to meet so many talented professionals.” 

    Dr. Eckert graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1963.  He remembers the close relationships developed between his classmates and the faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

    Dr. Eckert practiced in St. Louis MO in a mixed and small animal practice.  His area of practice and travel covered approximately twenty-five miles with approximately twenty animals seen in an average day. 

    Dr. Eckert feels the most prevalent animal diseases during his years of practice were canine distemper and canine parvo virus of which the treatment was basic supportive therapy.  He adds the treatment, of course, has changed with improved vaccines, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. When asked what he feels the most important advancement in veterinary medicine has been during his career, he responds “pharmaceutical/biological research – the benefits of these studies will change human and animal health forever.  I see no end to these possibilities.”  He believes veterinary medicine will change in the next ten years whereby “genetic research will become more prevalent both in man and animal.”

    Dr. Eckert retired in March of 1998.  He enjoys spending his time traveling; doing part-time lawn service; volunteering – Ronald MacDonald House, St. Louis Zoo, Shuttle Veterinarian for Christian Veterinary Missions; hunting; fishing and golf.

    Awards, Honors & Recognition:

    Upjohn Small Animal Distinguished Senior 1963

    Professional Affiliations:

    St. Louis Veterinary Medical Association – President and Vice President

    Missouri Veterinary Medical Association – District Delegate

    St. Louis Veterinary Emergency Clinics – Executive Board

    Jesu Academy – Executive Board


Veterinary Honor Roll Honoree


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