4/09/2003 - 04/25/2016

pet memorial photo
  • Species:Dog
  • Owner:Mike Marshall Family
Harley brought joy to an entire family for 13 years. He was gentle, kind, loving, and expressed his love for his family every day. He loved children, and all who knew him loved him back. We all were better people because of the privilege we had to have him as a part of our family.
We all still miss seeing his face in the window when we arrive home. When we walk into the house, we miss meeting him at the back door when we open it. Sometimes we think we have heard the tinkling sound of his collar when awakening in the morning. Then we are reminded he is no longer here. But we cherish the fond memories we have of him, and recall what joy we had in loving him. Gentle sweet Harley will always be treasured in our hearts.


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