2008 - 2020 12 years

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  • Species:Dog
  • Owner:Sharon Kirchhofer

We met Maris the summer of 2008.  She was 12-weeks old; a darling black and white puppy.  Weeks prior to our meeting, she was rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri from rural Missouri.  At the time of her rescue, Maris was starving, infested with ticks and fleas and fearful. After addressing her flea and tick infestation and treating the secondary skin infection she developed from the infestation, the Humane Society placed her in foster care for socialization.  Our daughter happened to be the foster parent who volunteered to care for her. The prior spring, my husband and I lost our Alpha dog to lung cancer. Maris was a welcomed uplift for us.  She joined our family less than a week after we met her.  Aside from an occasional fight over food, Maris, and our two other dogs, Sera, a Min Pin who thought she was the Queen, and Edith, a Dalmatian and social butterfly, lived in harmony.  As the years came and went, Sera and Edith crossed the rainbow bridge. Maris became an only “child” at age five.  A dog DNA test revealed Maris was a mix of Greyhound, Siberian Husky and Australian Sheppard. The Greyhound manifested in her lightning fast trips around the yard.  The Australian Sheppard expressed in her love of corralling and rolling small dogs.  The Siberian Husky evident in her daily conversations with us. Although always mature for her age, Maris became a fierce protector.  Her watchful eye and loyalty made us feel safe.  Even though her circle of friends was small, the unconditional love she showed her Mom, Dad and the sister, who carried her out of the Humane Society, was huge.  Her love for Lion’s Choice mini ice cream cones, a daily treat, was also huge. Car rides, walks and bedtimes cookies (dog treat) brought her additional pleasure. Maris left us suddenly on Sept. 4, 2020, following a sudden and fatal seizure.  It was only a couple of months earlier that her regular check-up suggested she would be with us for years to come.  The day she passed she had enjoyed one last ice cream cone, a visit to her favorite park and a car ride with the people who loved her most. She leaves behind an immeasurable hole in our family. She was our baby. She was perfect. She was loved. Maris, miss you forever, love Mom.


Sharon Kirchhofer said on: September 10, 2020 at 07:15 PM

Maris was our sweet baby. Miss you more than words can say.??

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