05/15/2013 - 09/08/2020

pet memorial photo
  • Species:Dog
  • Owner:Ed and Paulette Jackson

I got Missy from my cousin when she was only 8 weeks old and she was no bigger than my hand. When I saw her it was LOVE at first sight. My husband was adamant about no dogs in our house so I was a little nervous about bringing her home but when I pulled into the garage and he saw her, he grinned and I knew it was LOVE at first sight for him as well! I had her lay down with me and take a nap and when we got up, we went looking for my husband. We found him laying on the couch so I layed Missy on his chest. Within a few minutes he started laughing because she had peed on him. He looked at her and said "this is a great way to start our relationship" and he laughed again. She was the light of our life because she was so smart, funny and loving. She was so smart we had to spell words in front of her, like bath. She hated to take a bath so when she heard that word she would immediately run under our bed and hide. The only way to get her out was to ring the doorbell.

When strangers, family and friends would see her, you had to love her because she would fight all obstacles to get to you to give you kisses all over your face.

She was so human-like, she even treated my husband and I differently. She knew which one of us to go to (depending on what she wanted) in order to get her way. She would let me carry her like a baby with her head on my shoulder but my husband had to carry her like a football.

We have so many fond memories of our time with her, there just isn't enough space here to tell them all. It's been almost 2 months (09/08/20) since she passed and we still cry because we miss her so much, she was our precious baby girl! There is a big hole in our lives now.


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