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Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet may find a memorial gift to be a comforting gesture. Our animal memorial program exists to comfort ... Learn More

Veterinary Honor Roll

Veterinary Honor Roll

When you love your pets, it is good to know you have a partner in improving their health and well-being: your veterinarian. You can recognize their ... Learn More

Veterinary Practice Staff Honor Roll

Veterinary Practice Staff Honor Roll

Great staff members are vital in delivering continuous care and communication when your pet is being seen. You can recognize their ... Learn More

Supporting Clinics

Join the hundreds of supporting clinics ... Learn More

Partner for Progress

Partner for Progress - Purina Veterinary Diets

About Our Foundation

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation promotes "People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People" through its museum & grants... Learn More

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"Thank you for this wonderful way to honor Freddy's life and to recognize the important part he played in our lives. It was so easy to do, and it gave our family and friends everywhere a chance to share in our memories. I am so glad Freddy is in the Animal Archives of Missouri. They are a lasting chronicle that weaves him into the fabric of Missouri's history. Freddy deserves that kind of lasting tribute."
- Ethel F. Osborne