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  Who Should Be Honored?

Veterinary Honor Roll
  • Recognize their life's work and the live's they've touched.
  • Share their achievements with family and friends.
  • Help further educational efforts to others in the honorees name.

Who Can Nomiate HonoreesWho Can Nominate?

Families, friends and clients can honor current or past veterinarians for their admirable life's work by having them inducted into the Veterinary Honor Roll

What is the Veterinary Honor Roll?What Is The Honor Roll?

The Veterinary Honor Roll is a professional wall presentation of the names and photographs of veterinarians who have been honored by those whose lives he/she has touched.

Where is the Veterinary Honor Roll?Where Is The Honor Roll?

The Veterinary Honor Roll is maintained by the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation. The physical Honor Roll display is in the Foundation's Museum at 2500 Country Club Drive in Jefferson City, and can be viewed online on this website by clicking here.

What happens once nominated?What Happens Once Nominated?

The recipient receives a plaque recognizing the induction. If they wish, the nominator, the inductee and their family and friends can attend an induction ceremony at the Foundation's Museum in April each year.

How do I nominate a veterinarian?How Do I Nominate A Veterinarian?

A minimum of $500 in donations in the name of the inductee is requested. Contact the MVMF office at 573-636-8612 or submit your email and phone on the form for more information, including guidelines for eligibility, and a simple toolkit that makes it easy to raise the donation amount. Proceeds are used to further the educational mission of the Foundation.

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