Pet Memorials Animal Archives of Missouri

Honor your departed pet with a memorial in the Animal Archives of Missouri. Or give a grieving pet owner the gift of a memorial.

Your friends and family, wherever they may be, can share your loss and honor your pet’s influence on your life and that of your family’s.

In addition to this online memorial, the pet owner will receive a certificate registering your pet in the Animal Archives of Missouri. The attractive certificate is suitable for display.

The Animal Archives of Missouri is maintained by the Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation (MVMF) and offers a permanent home for your pet’s memorial in its files. The Foundation also maintains a Missouri Museum of Veterinary Medicine at 2500 Country Club Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109. Over 5,000 Missouri pets have been honored in the Archives.

A picture and description of the pet also resides in, and is accessible through, an interactive computer kiosk in the Veterinary Museum.

The donation to participate in this memorial program is $25.00. This helps us maintain the website and further the educational goals of the Foundation. As mentioned above, you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your pet’s registration in Animal Archives of Missouri.

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation and $20 of your donation is tax deductible. Set up your memorial now using Mastercard, Visa, or Discover.