Privacy Policy

Last Revision: September 1, 2012

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy describes the way we use and protect the personal information we collect from our users such as name, address, phone number, email address, and method of payment.

The information we collect is either contact information, billing information, or information needed for the memorial listing.

We will use the personal information we collect for the purposes of communicating with you about your memorial, providing you with customer service, to validate information for accuracy in your memorial, communicating regarding security issues, to notify you of changes or additional services related to the memorials and the website, to extend our empathy for your loss, etc.

When you make a payment on the MVMF website, we will only share your personal transaction information with the third party necessary to complete the transaction. We will also ensure the third party agrees to respect the privacy of your personal information.

If we have good faith that access to personal information is required by law, we may disclose information. We may also disclose personal information in the event we need to prevent fraud or illegal activity, detect or protect MVMF or its employees, and you, from anyone violating our Terms and Conditions or for security issues.

All information given to us is stored on a secure server behind a firewall. We take actions to protect against unauthorized access to personal information. We will use data encryption where necessary like when storing passwords. We do not store credit card information as that is passed on to our credit card processor.

Please be aware that securing your information is up to you as well. If you share your information like your username/password with others we cannot guarantee your information will not become publicly available.

Changing your personal information - A user can edit their personal information any time by logging into their account and editing their profile, contact information, or memorial information. Any information that is deleted may remain on our servers for a time period before it is removed permanently even though it is not accessible to the user.

Changes to our Privacy Policy - We constantly review our Privacy Policy and make changes whenever they are needed. All users will be notified of such changes.

Any questions or to report security violations can be sent to us at