Sample Pet Memorials

  • Freddy

  • Lifespan:20 years
  • Type:Cat - Other
  • Owner: Ethel F. Osborne
  • "I knew that I would miss you, my loving, loyal friend I knew the special joy we shared would one day have to end But now the time ... read more

  • Bosco

  • Lifespan:8 Years
  • Type:Dog - Affenpinscher
  • Owner:Geri & Manuel Uribe
  • Bosco This gentle giant with his big brown eyes, Stole our hearts when he came into our lives. He really lived across the stree ... read more

  • Coalie

  • Lifespan:5/11/1999-2/21/2012
  • Type:Cat - Domestic Shorthair
  • Owner:Donna Turnbough
  • A long-time companion and dear friend. Coalie came into my Mama's life in September, 2000. Mom's neighbor walked to tow ... read more

  • Cooper

  • Lifespan:6 Years
  • Type:Other - Bull Mastiff
  • Owner:Lynn & Chuck Nichols
  • Cooper was my best buddy! He brought so much joy to our house. He was so gentle and loving.There are so many things I remember dai ... read more

  • Jack

  • Lifespan:7/2005-2/2012
  • Type:Other - Poodle
  • Owner:Donna Erickson
  • Our beloved Jack. He was pure love and will be in our hearts forever. Veterinarian: Brentwood Animal Hospital ... read more

  • Scout

  • Lifespan:4/1996-1/1/2012
  • Type:Dog - Beagle
  • Owner:Mike Kisling
  • Scout came into my life as a surprise gift and changed it for the best for nearly 15 years. Her love and companionship filled my l ... read more

  • Boomer

  • Lifespan:13 years
  • Type:Cat - Domestic Shorthair
  • Owner: Mark, Cary, and Alyssa Taylor
  • Boomer was our special black and white tailless cat for almost 13 years. He was adventurous and friendly. He loved our dogs (both ... read more

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