20 years

pet memorial photo
  • Species:Cat
  • Owner: Ethel F. Osborne
"I knew that I would miss you, my loving, loyal friend I knew the special joy we shared would one day have to end But now the time has come and though I know it's sadly true I can't believe you're really gone, and I'm here missing you Some think there is a heaven for pets we cherish so But I think God meant for us to give you heaven here below You were a special gift from Him, and gave me so much love I know He must have smiled on us from heaven up above So til' I'm sure where you have gone, I'm comforted you see Just knowing you were in ""cat heaven"" here on earth with me."


Richard Antweiler said on: September 25, 2012 at 09:33 PM

What a great Kitty... Sounds like he was indeed in cat heaven on earth thanks to you Mrs. Osborne.

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