8 Years

pet memorial photo
  • Species:Dog
  • Owner:Geri & Manuel Uribe

Bosco This gentle giant with his big brown eyes, Stole our hearts when he came into our lives. He really lived across the street, But all of Jamestown was his beat! He came to visit us every day, And it seemed as though he wanted to stay. He'd lay his head upon my lap, And after I'd pet him he'd stay for a nap! One day he got hit while crossing the road, We were certain we had lost him but, "not so" we were told. We asked to adopt him, so he came to stay, He changed our lives and we loved him from the very first day. He loved to bark so we always knew, Just when the Amish buggy was passing thru! He hated the rain and was terrified of the thunder, As soon as he heard it he'd find a place to hide under! We thought we would have him for many more years, But before his eighth birthday, God took him home and we've shed many tears. I know he'll be waiting in Gods big dog pen, For that wonderful day, we'll be together again.


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