Gayla Whittle

  • City:Trenton
  • State:MO
  • Biography:

    Dr. Gayla Whittle started her career at age 15 in 1978.  Her mentor Dr. Randall Lary in Kansas City was kind enough to give her a job cleaning kennels. Throughout her career she had many mentors including her husband, Bruce Whittle, who have all guided her to become the practitioner she is today. Dr. Whittle has practiced small animal medicine and surgery after graduating from the University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 1994. She and her husband opened Honey Creek Veterinary Hospital in Trenton, Missouri immediately upon graduation.  They have two sons, Brandon and Wyatt, who were a daily part of their family business, helping with surgeries, cleaning and entertaining clients. Gayla was the founder and president of Green Hills Animal Shelter from 1998 to 2018. 2003 – 2019 She organized and taught novice obedience for her community as well as Puppies for Parole at the local correctional facility. Concerning the care of her patients she says, “God provides me with the tools but he does the rest, all the glory goes to God.”


Veterinary Honor Roll Honoree


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