Mila Wasescha


pet memorial photo
  • Species:Cat
  • Owner:Kasia Wasescha & Matthew Iskra

We came to the shelter for a dog but left with a cat. You stole our hearts the moment you reached out of your cage and grabbed mom's sleeve as she was passing by. You had a star next to your name declaring you as the employee favorite; you were only a year old, a priceless treasure found on the side of the road.  

And who could even resist your charm? You had your big owl eyes, your button snout, and you were oh so small - too small to contain the room-commanding presence you carried the moment you would walk in and announce yourself. You wormed your way effortlessly into everyone's hearts, all innocent and unassuming, with nothing but unabashed, bottomless love to give all those you enthralled. You were a star, pulling all those around you into your orbit.


Every day, I miss how you would let me cradle you in my arms, or how when I cut your nails I could sit you in my lap like a toddler and you were content as could be. I miss the way your tail would curl like a teacup handle when I scratched the base of your tail, or how you would bring me your burger, howling like the damned, just to make sure I acknowledged your favorite toy. I miss how excited you got waiting patiently for one of us to stir in the morning, or how you kept me company during those many sleepless nights, the way we'd cuddle spooned up with my hand at your furry chest to give your favorite scratches, or how you would sleep in with me on weekends while the rest of the household was already up. I miss your purs, so loud for tiny little you, and those daily conversations we held, your responding meows always so bold and self-assured. I even miss how you’d be a little naughty and pretend to sit on my lap at dinner for attention when what you really wanted was a chance to paw at my food.


We spent so many wonderful years together - through my turmoiled teenage puberty, through college, moving across state lines, through my first apartment, my first job, my first house, my marriage. Through each lifestage you were my constant companion, through thick and thin, dulling the edge of any lonely and hard days with the bright joy of your company. And yet still, those years we had were nowhere near enough. (No matter how many more years we had, it would never be enough.)


You were my furry little everything. My baby, my angel, my little star. Know that no other will ever be able to hold a candle to the brilliance of your light. Never will there be another like you. I will hold you in my heart forever.


Matthew Iskra said on: December 18, 2021 at 05:07 AM

My dearest Mila I didn't intend on loving you like I do, but you made that impossible. You brought pure joy with you everywhere you went and all that met you know this. You cuddled me nearly every morning and every night the past 3 years, and I am better for having had you. I will always love you

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