Moxie Wasescha


pet memorial photo
  • Species:Cat
  • Owner:Kasia Wasescha & Matthew Iskra


We are devastated that we did not get an abundance of time with you; only sharing six months was not enough. We were both ready to have a new start after finding you and your sister surrendered at the shelter. We will never forget waking up the morning after adopting you both to a quiet and empty house. With you miraculously squeezing yourself behind the fridge (pictured), and your sister hiding behind the TV. 


In the short time knowing you, your own quirks made themselves known. 
-You had a powerful squeak when you worked your way up to it; starting with breathy hums and eventually turning into honks. And you would turn your head so far, nearly upside down when you wanted scratches. I always loved the way you tucked curled your tail up against yourself.
-You loved your laser pointer.
-You liked to be alone but still had a huge heart.
-You were so lovable when you looked up with slightly crossed eyes.
-Petting you you'd curl the tail like a question mark.
-When I'd go to the bedroom for something and quickly was about to leave I'd find you on your side in the doorway seeking belly rubs.

 Our best wishes we had to provide and care for you as long as we could lives on with your sister.



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