Jan Tarantola

  • City:St. Louis
  • State:MO
  • Biography:

    Jan has been working for me at Hillside Animal Hospital for 22 years, having started in 1992. At the time she was my first full time employee and I feel it is very special for her to be one of the first staff members to be inducted into the Honor Roll. Her employment started here while she was a client, like a few others of my staff members, and I was fortunate to recognize that she would be someone who could help our practice. Her job has evolved over the years from being a veterinary assistant to receptionist to now where she is the office manager. She has seen the clinic grow over the years as well as seen my children grow up. Jan is more that just an employee here at the clinic, and I truly consider her to be a part of my family. Her role at the clinic has evolved over the years as the clinic has evolved and grew, but one constant has been her unwavering loyalty to Hillside and its clients. Jan always has the clients' best interests at heart and stops at nothing to make sure everyone who comes here has the best experience possible. Over the years Jan has had my back on numerous occasions, and I am extremely grateful for it. It is difficult to tell someone like this how much they mean to you and to the clinic, so I hope that his honor will in some way tell her. Thanks, Jan I could not have done it without you.

    Edward J. Migneco, DVM DABVP

Veterinary Practice Staff Honor Roll Honoree


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